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Opinion Capital

Posted on 25 November 2020 05:02 pm

Opinion Capital is a company that provides an Offer Wall where you can earn money when your members complete offers or surveys.

Click here to open a free account.


  1. Login to your Opinion Capital account, click in Apps and then click in Create button. In App Type, select "Web"
  2. After App approved, you have to configure it. Click in your App, in Iframe Settings you must set your Iframe Reward Name (coin name), Iframe Reward Multiplier and Iframe Reward Ratio.
    In the "Survey Wall Link" you will find an URL like this: where XXX is your Survey Wall ID that you have to enter in your admin panel.
  3. Go to Postback Settings, the Survey Postback URL and Offer Postback URL are the postback URL that you can find in your admin panel, also you must enter your Postback hash secret.
    You must activate "" and "" only.
  4. The redirection URLS can be like this: